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Birthdate:Nov 20
We will see later.

Interests (103):

adventure time, alfred de musset, ali project, alice in wonderland, alice through the looking-glass, alternative fashion, anne rice's vampire chronicles, attack on titan, aural vampire, babes in toyland, bastien vivès comics, bat for lashes, black mirror, blue is the warmest colour, bride stories, calvin and hobbes, capsule, clamp manga, cloud atlas, cocorosie, cooking, coraline, corpse bride, cécile corbel, de palma's carrie, drawing, elephant man, emilie simon, fables, fairytales, fight club, figures and dolls, fiona apple, frankenweenie, from hell, furuya usamaru manga, ghibli movies, gorillaz, grimes, haibane renmei, hamlet, harry potter, intersectional feminism, kate bush, kick-ass, kokusyoku sumire, kumisolo, kyary pamyu pamyu, lana del rey, les liaisons dangereuses, life, marie antoinette, mawaru penguindrum, mika, momoiro clover z, moto hagio manga, moumoon, my little pony: friendship is magic, neon genesis evangelion, nightmare before christmas, northen lights, omodaka, pacific rim, paranorman, perfume, persepolis, playing video games, popoyans, puella magi madoka magica, pushing daisies, queer, reading, retro fashion, revolutionary girl utena, saga, sailor moon, sandman, setona mizushiro manga, singing, six feet under, sky doll, sleep party people, sound horizon, the aprils, the last unicorn, the perks of being a wallflower, the rose of versailles, the runaways, the wizard of oz, urbangarde, various touhou circles, various vocaloid p, vegan, virgin suicides, wandering son, watching movies and tv shows, watchmen, world's end girlfriend, writing, y the last man, ymck, yotsuba, yousei teikoku
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